Safety precautions

Ensuring the safety of events and of customers and employees takes top priority at Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. Therefore we are in constant dialogue with the safety authorities of the City of Hamburg and adjust our safety concepts to the specific requirements of each individual event.


Find the House Roules and your Safety Card here:

House Rules Hamburg Messe und Congress (Status 06/2023)

Safety Card Hamburg Messe und Congress

Hamburg Messe safety instructions

Paramedic Service

During an event as well as during setting-up and dismantling, a paramedic service is always present at the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH site.  You may contact the paramedic service at +49 40 3569 6666

There are two paramedic stations at the fair complex, each of which can be reached by visitors within its assigned perimeter in a maximum of five minutes.

The western paramedic station is located in the outdoor area between Halls A1 and A2, adjacent to Hall A2.

The eastern paramedic station is located inside Hall B4 in the southern portion of the building. It is accessible from the outdoor area by walking towards Hall B5.

Fire Stations

The inner-city fire and emergency station as well as the Rotherbaum fire and emergency station are both located in the immediate vicinity of the fair complex. The Hamburg Messe und Congress fair site itself does not have a fire station of its own.

What to do in case of a fire?

Activate the fire alarm at the closest fire alarm point. These are located next to the hall gates. Activating the fire alarm will directly call the fire brigade.
Report the fire by calling the emergency number +49 40 3569 6666.
If you have dialled the German standard emergency number 112, please be sure to also call +49 40 3569 6666.

Proceed to a safe place and help others do so, as well; if possible, try to contain the fire.


There are several police stations located in the immediate vicinity of the fair complex. The Hamburg Messe und Congress fair site itself does not have a police station of its own.

Call the emergency number +49 40 3569 6666.
If you have dialled the German standard police emergency number 110, please be sure to also call +49 40 3569 6666.

Hamburg’s police station 14 is in charge of the fair complex:
Caffamacherreihe 4, 20355 Hamburg


  Sicherheitshinweise der Hamburg Messe zur Räumung/Evakuierung


In case of safety concerns, Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH may order evacuation and subsequent closure of individual rooms or entire buildings.
In an emergency, informational and instructional announcements will be made on the voice alarm system in the exhibition halls.
Throughout the fair complex, escape routes and appropriate signage have been arranged to enable visitors to find their way to the outside independently in an emergency. Evacuation assistants will be present to support the evacuation process. Please follow the instructions.
Please do not return to an evacuated space until it has been declared safe by the fire brigade.

Safety precautions in situations of increased risk

We are in constant contact with the safety authorities of the City of Hamburg. We coordinate with them in response to current safety assessments to adjust our safety precautions.
In the event of a safety threat or observation of a safety hazard, please notify Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH at +49 40 3569 6666.

Prohibited articles

  • Weapons or other dangerous objects as well as items that can cause injury to people,
  • gas-filled spray bottles; caustic, toxic or colouring substances; pressurised containers of flammable or hazardous gases with the exception of standard pocket lighters;
  • fireworks, rockets, Bengal fires, smoke powder, maroons and other pyrotechnic objects;
  • alcohol and drugs;
  • racist, xenophobic and extremist propaganda material.



Operating drones at the fair site requires a permit in all cases.
To request a permit, please contact us via mail:

E-mail Technical Department



Questions regarding safety at the fair complex?

E-mail Technical Department