WindEnergy trend:index

WindEnergy trend:index

WindEnergy trend:index (WEtix) is a semi-annual survey first launched in 2018 by WindEnergy Hamburg, the leading global trade fair for onshore and offshore wind energy, in collaboration with wind:research, the leading market research institute for the wind energy industry, to gauge the mood in the industry.

The sixth edition of the industry’s mood barometer once again enjoyed strong participation, despite the postponement of the trade fair. The share of fully completed questionnaires remains at a high level. Representativeness therefore continues to be high.

The key findings are as follows:

  • Especially the future market situation in the offshore wind industry is receiving positive to very positive assessments.The current market situation for the onshore wind industry in ‘Rest of World’ countries continues to receive positive marks, if with a slight downward trend. Expectations for the future are positive, showing slight gains. The views regarding the offshore wind industry have risen slightly into the positive range again, and the two-year expectations are clearly positive.
  • Respondents are expecting consolidation activities in both the onshore and offshore segments to decline somewhat. Ratings of the intensity of the consolidation processes in the offshore segment are at the lowest level since the surveys were first started.
  • Expectations regarding the optimisation potential driven by digitalisation remain at a high level for both onshore and offshore wind energy, if with minimal losses, with the offshore wind industry seeing slightly higher marks than the onshore segment, a trend first seen in the spring of 2019.
  • The mood in terms of the saving potential offered by new technologies is unchanged, remaining in the medium to high range. The saving potential in offshore wind energy has been receiving significantly better ratings than for onshore ever since the WEtix was first introduced.
  • Over 50% (onshore), respectively, more than 60% (offshore) of respondents believe that the coronavirus pandemic has either no effect on the wind industry, or that it even affects it in a positive or very positive manner. These responses contrast with close to 40% who fear negative consequences. Expectations of very negative versus very positive effects are distributed about equally.
  • Half of respondents believe it is likely or very likely that the production of green hydrogen will play a key role for wind energy over the next three years. This means that green hydrogen continues to be considered as highly important for the future, despite slight losses compared with the spring 2020 survey.

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