WindEnergy trend:index Autumn 2022

Tenth WindEnergy trend:index published

Mood in the German wind industry remains near record high

In the tenth edition of the WEtix report, the positive assessments seen in the previous report six months ago for Germany, Europe, North America and Asia remain at the same general levels. Yet, a very slight decline can be observed in nearly all categories. The continuous steep rise of the mood in Germany seen over the past three years has come to a halt; nevertheless, compared to the entire time span covered by WEtix surveys, the level remains near the record high. While the results of this survey reveal wide-spread concerns about supply chain disruption and insufficient educational options throughout the wind industry, responses are inconclusive regarding the effects of the Ukraine war. Furthermore, the saving potential is now seen in a more positive light again.

These are the summary results of the new WindEnergy trend:index (WEtix) which has been compiled at six-month intervals since 2018. It is published jointly by WindEnergy Hamburg, the global onshore and offshore wind energy event, and wind:research, the leading market research institute for wind energy. More than 800 respondents took part in the current survey, contributing their assessments of the development of the global onshore and offshore wind industry. All in all, more than 10,000 experts have participated in WEtix surveys since 2018. The survey covers all onshore and offshore regions globally. The pre-defined market regions include Germany, Europe (including Germany), North America, Asia and Rest of World (RoW), comprising Africa, Australia as well as Central and South America.

We would like to thank all participants for contributing their views to this survey! Based on your opinions and expertise the WindEnergy trend:index can provide key input to decision-markers throughout the global industry.

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