Siemens Gamesa: ETES 360° Virtual Tour

We started 10 years ago with a clear vision and strong believe to decarbonize the world!

Over the past decade we developed a low-cost, large-scale solution that turns excess electricity into heat: Electrical Thermal Energy Storage (ETES).

Our real scale demonstrator plant takes ETES to the next level. In June 2019, we inaugurated our demonstrator in Hamburg (Germany) to proof the technology works under real market conditions.

ETES solutions basically prolong the availability of energy that otherwise would be “wasted“. No matter whether it’s from wind, solar or any other power source. ETES contributes to both common and business goals by enhancing grid stability, energy arbitrage or demand-optimized energy management. ETES and all of its components are fully scalable to specific needs.

It can be set up as a stand-alone (BASE), to decarbonize your industry processes (ADD), or even help to redefine it. Especially when you are looking for 2nd life option for your fossil fuel power plant by converting it into a green storage plant (SWITCH).

ETES:Base is a stand-alone energy storage plant that can be installed almost anywhere. It is not limited to certain geographical locations nor to certain uses.

ETES:Add is capable of time shifting your heat, steam, or energy cycle.  A modular and fully adaptable design that operates within the grid, allowing the creation of new services along the power supply chain.

ETES:Switch can extend the life span of your investments by decarbonizing assets. Turning polluting power plants into green storage.