The Premium Conference


The WindEurope Premium Conference will look at how wind energy can contribute to the economic recovery while accelerating the energy transition.



Day 1 will feature high-level discussions with ministers and CEOs and look at 4 ways to unlock wind power's potential: permitting; community engagement; direct electrification; and partnerships with renewable hydrogen.

Governments have committed to deploying 402 GW of wind power by 2030. But current policies will not make it possible to reach these volumes. Permitting is the biggest issue. It takes too long to plan and build wind farms and the power grids needed to transport their energy. We'll discuss how permitting rules and processes can be improved, and how this can be combined with community engagement to ensure the happy coexistence of wind energy and local communities.

Creating new demand for clean electricity will also be a powerful driver for investments in wind power. We will look at direct electrification options for heating and cooling, transport and industry. And at renewable hydrogen for sectors where direct electrification is harder to implement.

Day 2, in partnership with Ingeteam, will look at wind innovation and technology. We will focus on achievements and potential, the changes at work in wind power generation and in the wider energy system.

Topics covered will include: onshore turbine technology developments; wind resource assessmentdigitalisation in operations; the latest technology innovations; and how to boost grid integration.

Day 3 will be dedicated to offshore wind, and will assess progress on plans to scale up: can we reach 450 GW of offshore wind in European waters by 2050? We'll bring governments, grid operators and wind stakeholders together to discuss achievements and further cooperation.

We'll also look at progress in building the right coalitions in support for sharing the maritime space in way that benefits all.

And we'll also take specific looks at offshore technology innovationsfloating offshore wind and how to make hybrid offshore wind farms and clusters happen.

Day 4 will look at the wind supply chain, its competitiveness, attractiveness, and sustainability, all essential preconditions for wind energy to fulfil its potential.

The wind energy supply chain is ready to deliver more volumes, but it needs more visibility on auctions and revenue stability to shift gears. We'll discuss how tools such as double-sided Contracts for Difference and corporate Power Purchase Agreements can help.

Also, a clear plan is needed for dealing with end-of-life issues: as a first generation of turbines reaches the end of its operational lifetime in key markets across Europe we'll discuss how to preserve and boost existing wind capacity through lifetime extension and  repowering – securing a pipeline of projects - while making sure that decommissioning can happen safely and sustainably with a circular approach to components and materials