Recruiting Day (28 September 2018)

Wind energy is a powerful growth engine. The complex technologies needed by this industry mean that it has great demand for skilled people of all kinds, including university graduates and non-graduates. 

WindEnergy Hamburg will help you to get professional orientation in this field. 

Many companies at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016 took advantage of the Recruiting Day and presented themselves as an appealing employer in the Wind Industry. In the online job market many job advertisements were published and at the Recruiting Day Forum, many companies took the opportunity to present themselves to a wide audience. There was information on career opportunities, training activities and recruitment.

The space is limited and the demand is high. So it is recommended that you register early. 

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Do you prefer to provide information to experts and young talents directly at your fair stand? At the WindEnergy Hamburg 2016, all exhibitors that took part in the "Job Route" became visible at first glance to all visitors. All participants taking part in the Job Route 2016 were clearly marked in the Visitor Guide, in the App and in exhibitor directory.



Example: Illustration Job Route in the Visitor Guide

Exhibitors of the Job Route are highlighted in green.