We interconnect the players of the wind industry. Now digitally!

Thank you for your interest in participating in the global live event of the wind industry from 1 – 4 December 2020. We are proud to present a powerful digital platform and attractive Participant Packages which offer you everything you expect from a world-leading trade fair:

  • Comprehensive presentations of companies and products
  • Unlimited uploading and downloading of content
  • Direct interaction, chats and matchmaking with interested parties
  • On-target news and communications to media representatives
  • Networking, recruiting and conference participation

You extend your global presence, present your products and services online worldwide 24/7 for two years, and benefit from numerous marketing opportunities:

  • Your company will enjoy high visibility at windenergyhamburg.com
  • Integration in highly frequented sections of the website (“Discover” and “Recommendations”)

  • Make it easy for people to find your products & services (your products, categories, keywords)
  • Publish current company news and digital content

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To purchase an Participant Package directly and book digital add-on services, please click here:

Waldemar Witulski | Manager ZF Group Dialogue and Events (VCME1), ZF Friedrichshafen AG

We are happy to get virtually in touch with customers and visitors at WindEnergy Hamburg Digital. The opportunity offered by Messe Hamburg is used by ZF as an innovative tool for communicating new products and services in this dynamic market environment. The Digital Platform will mark the start of an exciting journey into 2021.

Waldemar Witulski | Manager ZF Group Dialogue and Events (VCME1), ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Discover our Participant Packages and add-on digital services.

With four pre-configured, expandable service packages we cater to the needs of a wide spectrum of exhibitors, making it easy for everyone to find what they need.

Set-up fee: 499 €
Proposed WindEurope online Advocacy Fee (included): Starter Package 50€, Performer Package 125€, Master Package 250€, VIP Package 500€
All prices are net prices exclusive of legal VAT.

Every package can be customised by adding some extra options from our range of supplementary digital services, such as an online banner, newsletter ad placements, top-of-list placement, and more.

* All prices are net prices exclusive of legal VAT.





Company Logo
Company Description
Product Profiles
Contact Information
Product Material Downloads
Contact Persons
(max. 1)
(max. 5)
(no limit)
(no limit)
Press Releases  
Video Content  
Profile in „Recommendations“    
Job Route    
Banner in Newsletter      
Content in Newsletter      
Website Banner Campaign
("For visitors" section)
Website Banner Campaign
("Discover" section)
Storage Tour      
Conference Ticket    
(max. 2)
Set-up Fee
499 €
499 €
499 €
499 €

3,900 €

4,900 €

9,900 €

19,900 €

Proposed WindEurope online Advocacy Fee (included)
(50 €)
(125 €)
(250 €)
(500 €)

Your online exhibitor profile and its core elements:

Your online exhibitor profile and its core elements:

Business card

Provides visitors with basic information about your company, what it sells and key contact information.


Present the highlights of your products and/or services portfolio. Provide webinars, company news, descriptions of featured innovative products and/or your optional video contribution during the open stages. Use visual enhancements where appropriate. The Stage showcases up to nine selectable items from your content, which is fully featured in the “More information” section. The more content you have posted to your online exhibitor profile, the more easily the website search algorithm can access specific items and match them to the interests of individual visitors.

Theme routes

WindEnergy Hamburg focuses on special topics with the Job Route and the Storage Tour. Job Route: This optional section lets you explore the full potential of the employment market by presenting yourself as an attractive employer using video footage and a brief company profile. The virtual Storage Tour leads visitors to all exhibitors offering storage solutions.

Contact persons

Are you ready to answer customer enquiries and establish new business contacts?

Introduce your entire team of experts in this area, and allow visitors to contact them directly. Depending on the package you have booked, you may post the profiles of one, up to five or an unlimited number of contacts.

More information

The content pool of your digital company profile. The content stored here feeds the Stage in the upper portion of your exhibitor profile.




Plenty of value included: Our Participant Packages in detail – added value for you.



Our entry-level Starter Package gives you all key functionalities for a successful digital showcase at WindEnergy Hamburg Digital.



The Performer Package includes additional digital performance drivers for exhibitors who are keen on attracting more attention to their products and services. A top value, this recommended package can be further expanded by adding various services.



The Master Package gives your company outstanding visibility on the digital platform by placing your company profile prominently in the “Recommendations” area of the home page. What is more, your company will be highlighted on the Job Route, attracting the attention of job seekers. The package further includes a ticket for WindEurope’s Premium Conference.



The limited-edition VIP Package was developed for companies looking for an event appearance that stands out, allowing them to position their company and/ or products prominently in the market. The VIP Package includes two tickets for the WindEurope Premium Conference as well as a comprehensive set of visibilityenhancing services.

Generate interest and new leads through our newsletter services.

Take advantage of WindEnergy Hamburg Digital’s global newsletter e-mailing list to showcase your products and services and expand your customer base among the right audience. We make it easy for you to reach out to experts and decision-makers of all sectors related to the global wind industry, both onshore and offshore.

Use our assets and efficiency to drive your company’s performance.

WindEnergy Hamburg Visitors in the Skywalk
The wind industry’s only global event is the perfect place for you to reach out to decision-makers and experts from the entire value chain, from planning to maintenance, and from consultants through to CEOs. (Source: FKM industry visitor structural survey: WindEnergy Hamburg 2018, visitor survey conducted by Gelszus Messe-Marktforschung, Hamburg)

International reach

  • 52 %


  • 48 %


Top 4 industry sectors

  • 30 %

    Design, project planning, finance and other services

  • 41 %

    Technical services, operation & maintenance

  • 24 %

    Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • 5 %


Influence on buying decisions

  • 22 %


  • 30 %


  • 23 %


  • 23 %

    Not involved

  • 11 %


  • 1 %

    Non-working – other

WindTV featuring WindEurope's Premium Conference

Hamburg Messe und Congress and WindEurope have jointly developed WindEnergy Hamburg Digital including a brand new feature: WindTV. It will have two streams with exclusive live and on-demand content – WindTV Open Stream and WindTV Premium.


It will tackle every facet of the wind industry today. With dedicated sessions on global wind markets powered by GWEC, permitting, com-munity engagement, electrification, renewable hydrogen, technology and innovation and the wind energy supply chain, among others. We will be joined by business leaders, policymakers and leading experts from the wind industry and beyond.

While the WindTV Open Stream will allow you to grasp the latest trends in business, policy and technology from a high-level and commercial perspective, the Premium part will allow you to gain more in-depth knowledge from top the specialists.

Just like with your regular TV network, it is you that will decide what you want to watch and when.

We know it is sometimes difficult to spend three days at a conference, covering travelling and accommodation cost on top of the event’ fee. This is your chance to learn and be part of strategic industry’s discussions from a comfortable setting of your own office, investing your time in smart and personalised manner.

For anyone with an interest or stake in the wind industry, attendance is a must

Extras for your customised appearance: add-on digital services.

All prices are net prices exclusive of legal VAT.

All information also available for download

For information on our Participant Packages and further digital services you can book, please review this page as well as our exhibitor brochure (PDF).

Broschüre WindEnergy Hamburg Digital Event

Be sure to take part and let us join hands to drive the energy transition!

We look forward to welcoming you. We will do everything to help turn your participation into a full success!
The WindEnergy Hamburg Digital Team