Participation fees in 2020

Stand requirementsPrice* (Participation fee)
Row stand (1 open side)225.00 €
Corner stand (2 open sides)255.00 €
Front stand (3 open sides)285.00 €
Island stand (4 open sides)315.00 €
Open-air site105.00 €
National pavilion / Official national pavilion230.00 €
Complete offer for 12 sq.m.4,750.00 €
All-Inclusive Package additional sq.m.350.00 €

Minimum size 12m² exhibition area



Compulsory marketing package per main exhibitor*550.00 €
Compulsory marketing package per co-exhibitor*550.00 €
Co-exhibitor fee per co-exhibitor300.00 €
AUMA fee per sq. m0,60 €
Advocacy fee** per sq. m.15.00 €


* Plus statutory value added tax

** WindEurope is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. It is a non-for-profit organisation. All its events' and membership's revenue (including the WindEnergy Hamburg advocacy fee) is invested in advocacy, PR, research and analytical activities. Its work helps to create the policy and regulatory frameworks within which companies can successfully develop their businesses. More information: