FAQs for exhibitors about COVID-19


In the event that we have no other choice but to cancel WindEnergy Hamburg because of the coronavirus pandemic, we will refund the participation fee (including the AUMA fee and the fee for the marketing package).


If we are forced to cancel WindEnergy Hamburg because of the coronavirus pandemic, we will refund the costs incurred when booking services through the OSC.


If you can provide evidence that you are unable to participate because of COVID-19-related restrictions, your participation fee will be refunded (including the AUMA fee and the marketing package).


No. Any services ordered from third parties are exclusively subject to the contractual relationship between the parties to the contract. Therefore HMC will not reimburse you for any of these costs.


In the event of cancellation before acceptance, an administrative fee of € 300.– plus VAT shall be payable (see clause 8.1 ATB). Please submit your withdrawal request in writing.


The temporary restrictions imposed by our city to control the coronavirus pandemic apply to HMC as to all other organisations. Trade fairs, exhibitions and entertainment events are currently prohibited. However, we are confident that they will be allowed again in September. For more information on current restrictions please refer to the latest version of the City ordinance “HmbSARS-CoV-2-EindämmungsVO”.

As soon as trade fairs, exhibitions and other events are permissible again, we will update our Health and Safety Guidelines accordingly, including its Appendix 2 – Stand Construction for Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Events.  Please direct any questions regarding your stand construction concept to our stand design review team at ops(at)hamburg-messe(dot)de.

No legal claims may be derived from the information contained in this overview. We shall not be held liable for any errors or omissions. Revised 25-01-2021.