Participation fees 2018

Stand requirementsPrice as of 01.10.2016
Row stand (1 side open)EUR 220.00 net per sq.m.
Corner stand (2 sides open)EUR 250.00 net per sq.m.
Front stand (3 sides open)EUR 280.00 net per sq.m.
Island stand (4 sides open)EUR 310.00 net per sq.m.
Open-air siteEUR 100.00 net per sq.m.
National pavilion/Official national pavilionEUR 225.00 net per sq.m.
Complete offer for 12 sq.m.EUR 4,750.00 net
All-Inclusive Package additional sq.mEUR 350.00 net
Media package for the main exhibitor*EUR 450.00 net price
Media package per co-exhibitor*EUR 450.00 net price
Co-exhibitor fee per co-exhibitorEUR 300.00 net price
AUMA fee per sq.mEUR 0.60 net per sq.m.
Advocacy fee* per sq.m.EUR 10.00 net per sq.m.
Min. stand size12 sq.m.

This is to support the European advocacy work performed to strengthen the industry. Key missions include accelerated liberalisation of the EU electricity market and increased compatibility between national market rules. More information: