FORESIGHT Climate & Energy Autumn/Winter 2020 issue

Media Partner Electrification: FORESIGHT Climate & Energy

As the world’s wind energy industry gathers for WindEnergy Hamburg, FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is joining the dots and highlighting renewable energy’s role in the energy transition. As the exclusive electrification partner with WindEnergy Hamburg and WindEurope’s WindTV live platform, we are showing how decarbonisation efforts will be advanced using green electrification.

Our newest magazine tells of the efforts to increase electrification across the world, and where improvements are still needed:

  • Transmission infrastructure needs strengthening in order to get the green electrons to where they need to be
  • Heating and cooling of our homes and offices needs to use more electricity in order to decarbonise
  • The transport sector is preparing for an increase in electric vehicles, but there are other ways to take advantage of clean electricity
  • Heavy industry is looking for new processes that leverage green electricity