Plan your visit

Next to this event website, the following media will guide and inform you during your visit at WindEnergy Hamburg: 

  • Fair catalogue (fee 15 EUR) - open order form
  • Visitor´s guide (free of charge) - available on site
  • WindEnergy Hamburg Show Dailies  -more info 
  • WindEnergy Hamburg App - more info

Wireless LAN

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A wireless LAN facility is provided by Hamburg Messe und Congress for free. 

Cloakroom and lockers

Cloakrooms and lockers are available in the Foyer / South Entrance, Foyer / Central Entrance and Foyer / East Entrance.

The cloakrooms are open until 19.00.

The charge payable at the cloakroom per item of clothing or luggage is EUR 1.50. Lockers are available in two different sizes, on payment of EUR 1.00 per locker.

The Cloakrooms are open from one hour before the official opening hours until one hour after the official closing hours. Contents of suitcases, bags and clothes are not covered by insurance. Please also check the general terms and conditions on-site.

Interactive area map

(shows the services on-site)

Eating and drinking

There’s something for every appetite – from small snacks to complete business meals. You can indulge in culinary treats at the Hamburg Fair site.

Overview of catering at the Fair site

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Charging stations

Take advantage of our charging stations „powered by“ VSB. Ensure that you are reachable at any time during WindEnergy Hamburg 2016. Simply plug in and charge your phone, tablet or laptop. Meanwhile take a rest, relax or chat with your “charging neighbor”. You will find the VSB charging stations at four locations on the exhibition grounds (B1.OG.524, B6.487, A4.129, B7.632).

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Hostess shirts

Our service staff at the Info Points, at the ticket offices, in the halls and at other central location at WindEnergy Hamburg are easily recognized thanks to our shirts „powered by“ Nordex. Please ask our service staff if you have any questions.

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You will receive your personal Lanyard „powered by“ wpd at all entrances to WindEnergy Hamburg Wear your Ticket visibly around your neck during your stay at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016.

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Visitor Bags

You will receive your personal visitor bag „powered by“ GE  - Renewable Energy at all entrances to WindEnergy Hamburg. Wear your bag and easily collect information materials during your stay at WindEnergy Hamburg 2016.

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WindEnergy Hamburg VIP Shuttle Service

E-mobility VIP Shuttle Service

Take advantage of our exclusive E-mobility VIP shuttle service and enjoy the best possible comfort. Everyday starting from 11 o´clock we will bring you in the most convenient and eco-friendly way to your desired destination. The VIP shuttle service is located between Halls B4 and B5, at the East Entrance.

Please note this service is only for Guest Club Cardholders. Reservations are not possible!